List of Social Media Accounts

Social Media Directory

Listed are the official social media accounts, YouTube or other video/audio channels maintained or contributed to by the Office of Amani.

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1 Aboobacker Amani  @AboobackerAmani  @AboobackerAmani  @aboobackeramani  @aboobackeramani
2 Office of Amani  @OfficeAmani  @OfficeAmani  @officeamani
3 Public Relations Department  @PRDOfficeAmani  @PRDOfficeAmani  @prdofficeamani
4 Legal Department
5 Publications Department
6 Aboobacker Amani(Malayalam)  @MalayalamAmani  @MalayalamAmani
7 Aboobacker Amani(Arabic)  @ArabicAmani  @ArabicAmani
8 Aboobacker Amani(Urdu)  @UrduAmani  @UrduAmani
9 Aboobacker Amani(Spanish)  @SpanishAmani
10 Aboobacker Amani(Chinese)  @ChineseAmani
11 Aboobacker Amani(Tamil)
12 Aboobacker Amani(Kannada)
13 Aboobacker Amani(Russian)  @RussianAmani
14 Aboobacker Amani(Website)  @WebsiteAmani  @WebsiteAmani
15 Aboobacker Amani(Turkish)  @TurkishAmani @TurkishAmani
16 Aboobacker Amani(Birthday)  863721330356688  @HBtoAmani
17 Why Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims  1573370809630237