Biography of Aboobacker Amani

Muhammed Aboobacker Amani Kamil as-Saqafi
became chairman of the Quba Educational Trust in 2015, and is CEO of Worldona.


Born in Vettichira, Malappuram, in 1995, Aboobacker Amani studied Islam at an early age and later earned degrees in Islamic studies and Theology.
He has one brother and one sister.

Early Life

Aboobacker Amani was born Muhammed Aboobacker on May 09, 1995, the first of three sons. in Vettichira, Malappuram. His father Abdul Azeez Madani and Mother Nafeesa is also scholars. He was also raised by his grandfather, Ummar Molla one of the Freedom Fighters of India.


Aboobacker Amani enrolled at the Jamia al-Maquar in 2011 and graduated two years later with his bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies. after that in 2014 earned his master’s degree in Islamic studies and Theology from Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyya.